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Permit Amnesty Program
For Town of Oyster Bay Residents filing deadline EXTENDED  THROUGH 6/30/17!

If you have already done home improvements and have not secured the proper permits the usual penalty is 3x the fee.  Having the proper permits will also streamline the process of selling your home when the time comes.  Contact me to see how this may benefit you. 

The Town of Oyster Bay has launched an innovative new amnesty initiative designed to allow residents to obtain the necessary permits required on building improvements previously done to their homes. Through the end of this year, Town of Oyster Bay residents will be afforded an amnesty period to secure these permits, without having to incur stringent penalties. During the six month window, residents with these existing home improvements will be able to simply follow the normal application and inspection procedure. The standard fees will cover the entire process. All residential homeowners are eligible, including landlords of rental properties.
Amnesty Program Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. When is the amnesty program in effect?
    A. It is in effect through June 30, 2017.

Q. Who is eligible for the amnesty program?
        A. The amnesty program is for any residential homeowner who has failed to secure the required permit(s) on their previous home improvements without having to incur the penalty fees.

Q. How do homeowners find out they need permits or have been non-compliant?
A. If you are unsure about what work may require a permit, do not hesitate to contact the Town’s building department at 516-624-6200 or visit our website at They are happy to help.

Q. How do I get the process started?
A. To begin the process for a building permit, residents can call the Town of Oyster Bay’s Department of Planning and Development’s Building Division at 516-624-6200, where you can obtain an application to begin the process. Residents are also invited to visit the department (74 Audrey Avenue in Oyster Bay) during business hours for more information or to pick up permit applications.

Q. What permits are included?
A. All residential permits include fence, decking, plumbing and aspects of construction. Please contact the Town of Oyster Bay’s Department of Planning and Development’s Building Division at 516-624-6200 for any further permit inquiries.

Q. Does the program also pertain to expired building permits?
A. Yes, the program also provides the same amnesty period for expired building permits, which can be renewed on a sliding scale up to $200. This nominal fee will enable homeowners to complete the process and obtain a certificate of occupancy or completion. It will also apply to open residential building permits.

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